Who doesn't know it: It's a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning.

A relaxing day of golf with your best friends is in full swing.

However, the relaxation quickly disappears if the game doesn't go as planned. To prevent this from happening, we have the perfect idea.

You often hear from your playing partners or on the driving range: “You have to grip differently!”, “Grip like this, then you’ll automatically play a draw!”, “Well, with your grip only the slice could happen.”

Our idea for improving your golf game for days like this is very simple.

To do this, you first have to emphasize the dependence of the grip position on good golf shots.

A good grip not only allows the player to have good contact with the ball and thus feedback on his golf swing, it must also allow the club to swing unhindered.

The golf grip is often a major source of error for slices or hooks, as it is responsible for the movement of the club face and is therefore the most crucial element. Because what's the point of having the most neutral swing path if the club face is closed or opened too far with every shot?

Our goal is to help you reduce grip-related errors. Maybe you have already visited a trainer who tried to explain the neutral grip to you simply and in the best possible way. After a successful coaching lesson on the driving range, you stand on the course and start to think. What was that again? Where does the left hand belong? How many ankles should you be able to see?

Our idea is to reduce these uncertainties and eliminate the handle as a source of error. We want to help you play better. In addition, the perfect grip allows more time for technique training in golf lessons and saves the golf trainer from having to kneel down in front of the golfers to correct the grip.

After some consideration, we found this idea so simple and ingenious that we immediately put it into practice.

We combine high-quality gloves with a simple idea that simplifies self-control before every shot and thus leads to maximum consistency.

We wish you much success and a nice game!