Are you wondering how we came up with the idea of ​​drawing lines on the golf glove?

Well, I'll tell you.

It was a sunny, warm day on the golf course and Luca, Finn and Leon met up for a relaxing round of golf.

You know it. You get up full of anticipation, arrive at the first tee relaxed and full of euphoria and after the first few holes you realize that today is not my day.

That's what happened to our new golfer Luca that day. His biggest problem? The slice.

Ambitious as all three of us probably are, he looked directly for the cause and the reason. Accordingly, he asked Finn and Leon for a tip to help him.

Leon and Finn agreed that the grip is one of the most common sources of error in golf that leads to missed shots. The miss is characterized by an open club face at impact and is often the result of a grip that is too weak. The hook is the counterpart to the slice. The clubface rotates too much at impact and is therefore closed. A grip that is too strong will lead to this failure.

When Finn and Leon tried to explain the whole thing to Luca, he stood in front of them clueless and had no idea what to do. So Leon and Finn showed him the perfect grip and turned his hands in his address position until he had the neutral grip. Suddenly Luca was playing much better golf with more precise shots. Luca then asked the other two how he can remember this when he is playing alone and there is no one with him on the round of golf who can check it or even help him. So Leon took a Sharpie out of his bag, took his glove and drew lines on it. The idea behind this was that he was not allowed to see these lines when he was standing at the ball and wanted to take a shot (address position). Excited about how simple and ingenious the tip was, they sat together on the terrace and came to the conclusion that several golfers must have had the same experience. Always the image in your mind of the trainer kneeling in front of his student and adjusting the grip correctly before he has already forgotten the grip position until the next training lesson.

This is where GRAB PERFECT would like to come in and help you as a golfer. With our glove, we ensure that you have the perfect, neutral grip on every shot, which means you can enjoy your round of golf to the fullest without being annoyed by missed shots and, more importantly, so that you don't have to pay for your fellow players' drinks after the round of golf must.

Become a part of the GRAB PERFECT journey and be excited about what else awaits you from us.