Q: Why is grip so important in golf?
A: The grip is one of the most common sources of error in golf and therefore often leads to missed shots.
Q: Is the glove allowed in the tournament?
A: The R&A ( The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews ) decides the rules for golf. An extract from the R&A states that a golf glove is acceptable as long as it only shows visual indicators.
Q: Why is the glove only available at Grab Perfect?
A: Grab Perfect GmbH invented and developed this glove. After the invention, Grab Perfect filed a patent on the glove.
Q: Is the Grab Perfect Glove worth the money?
A: In addition to saving costs through training sessions with the golf pro who wants to teach the correct grip, the glove made of the finest Cabretta leather also ensures optimal wearing comfort.
Q: What material is the glove made of?
A: The glove is made of the finest Cabretta leather.