Golfers Interview #3 Christian Schwarz

Golfers Interview #3 Christian Schwarz

Hey Christian, it's cool that we can give readers a little insight into professional golf with an interview with you. Since you are a golf professional, the first question is a little more complicated for you. What was your handicap when you turned professional?

A: The last handicap was -4.9 back then it was still + 

How long have you been a pro and how did you decide to become a pro?

A: I only switched to the professional camp two years ago. Why I changed because I wanted to pursue new challenges. After two years of experience (which isn't a lot) I can say that amateur and professional sports are absolutely not comparable. 

What still excites you most about golf?

A: If you plan a shot, execute it and it works exactly as you planned, that's the tip of the iceberg! Of course, what makes this sport so interesting is that no two days are the same! 

Your favorite golf saying.

A: The harder you train, the luckier you are! 

Your funniest moment on a golf course.

A: I was at the Sohlheimcup in St. Leon Roth and there was a long drive competition. A friend said come on, Chrissi, you can hit the ball so far, try it. I was wearing rubber boots and didn't really feel like it. And hit three balls with a PING driver 12 degrees with a regular shaft (absolutely not my stick) I fired one right past the net and one left! All the people standing around just laughed and thought what a guy! I had one more attempt and I hit it 317 meters and won the challenge with the shot. And everyone cheered and clapped 😂

Tell me, what is the most beautiful course you have ever played?

A: I have played an endless number of golf courses. But there are some assessment principles that must be taken into account. Current care status, weather, geographical conditions. For me personally, beautiful doesn't always mean that it has to be beautifully situated by the sea or have a perfect design. If a golf course is difficult for me as a professional, then it is beautiful! Here I can recommend the Old Corkscrew Golf Club in Florida! In the middle of the jungle! Another amazing place is in Cairo New Giza, an incredibly beautiful place in the middle of the desert! 

Your lowest score in an official round (tournament)?

A: I have played rounds of 64 several times. This is also the strongest so far. But I always hope for even stronger rounds. Sometimes you play a 70 or 72 and feel like you've shot -10 on the card. 

Where should your journey take you in the next 12 months (from a golfer's perspective)?

A: Due to my injury at the end of last year, I can't plan exactly yet! I will work very intensively on the rehabilitation of my ankle! I hope to be able to play a full season on the pro golf tour in 2024. Being a playing pro is not always easy. A full season costs around €20,000-25,000, which you have to spend net and you haven't bought any groceries, paid for your house/apartment and financed your car. You have to calculate very carefully and have people/companies who support you financially. I am currently on this search 


What should absolutely not be missing from a perfect round of golf?

A: A long put to breathe deeply, or a gifted approach. 

Tee 1 Pro Golf Tour Tournament. Short par 4 can be hit with the driver, narrow fairway with out left and right. Lay-up with an iron or driver and full throttle?

A: Because I've always played more aggressively, I think the driver. On tour level it's basically about playing as many birdies as possible and a good drive is one of my strengths. 

As a professional, you probably have to struggle with nervousness from time to time. Any tips for golfers who feel the same way at their tournaments?

A: Never go into a round of golf or a tournament unprepared. Make a clear plan of what you need to do before the round. Pitching putting driving range. Eat something and drink something before the round and take enough food with you. And the most important thing in golf, just concentrate on yourself and don't let external factors distract you.