Golfer´s Interview #2 Patrick

Golfer's Interview #2 Patrick

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Hello Patrick, as in the first episode, we ask the most important question up front. What is your handicap?

A: My handicap is currently 24

How long have you been playing golf & how did you get into golf?

A: I worked in sports marketing for large corporations for a long time. When I worked for HUGO BOSS between 2017 and 2022, my job was to identify and sign suitable golf professionals. As part of this collaboration, I discovered playing golf and acquired my golf license in 2018. 

What excites you most about golf?

A: Definitely the mental part.

As a former team sports athlete, you're not used to every shot counting. You can often hide in the group and still have a good game. Things are different in golf.

A: For me, constantly refocusing and still remaining relaxed is the biggest challenge.

Your favorite golf saying.

A: Actually...

Your funniest moment on a golf course.

A: Phew. Despite a short “career”, there have been a few, but probably my victory against Martin Kaymer in a par3 challenge as part of his charity tournament. My first shot (with the camera running) flew ten meters, his right next to the flag. My second shot went straight into the hole and he missed the putt.

Tell me what is the most beautiful course you have ever played

A: Definitely THE OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP Course from 2019 – Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland. On the Monday after the tournament, indescribable.

Your lowest score in an official round (tournament)?

A: No idea 😊 I've only played a few handicap-effective tournaments so far and the main focus for me was clearly having fun. In addition, as a beginner, it was important to me not to look too much at the end result, but to analyze blow by blow for myself and try to do better the next time.

If you would like, you can also tell us your golfing goal for the next 12 months.

A: Constant training and a solid increase in performance 😊

What should absolutely not be missing on a perfect round of golf?

A: Enough balls!

Almost every golfer has a club that they can always rely on. Which is your safest racket?

A: 7 iron – for ever and for always!!!

Do you have any tips for us golfers out there?

A: This goes especially to all German golfers: Don't take yourself too seriously and let beginners make mistakes. No beginner goes onto the course with the aim of annoying you.

Unfortunately, I have found that as a beginner you rarely feel welcome on German golf courses and are often treated condescendingly. I find that more than a shame because it doesn't do the sport justice.


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